B- Care (Stroke, Heart Disease & Blood Circulation)


It improves the functions of the vascular system. it ameliorates damaged vessels, improves blood system, promote and increase the functions of the central nervous system, protects cerebral tissues and lastly improves respiratory functions.

Symptoms are: cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular diseases, disorder of circulation of end brush, disturbance in the nerve of the eye region.


B-Care contains many natural active ingredients for brain functions and stress treatment with its major natural extract from Gingko Trees, which is native in Asia. B-care tablet can increase blood circulation & oxygen levels in the brain, the heart and the tissues of other critical organs as well. It’s a potent Antioxidant for free Radicals in the Brain. It boost memory functions, good sleeping patterns and activates the central nervous system.

Additional information

Dosage and Administration

1 tablet, 3 times daily


30 tablets per bottle


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