Relaxing Pill (Anxiety & Depression)

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It regulates hormones, relieves depression and pressure, calms down temper and the whole body.

Symptoms include: headache,dizziness, fatigue, easily get sweat, menstrual disorder for women and blood shortage.


Relaxing pills is a well known Chinese herbal formula. It is commonly used as a remedy to anxiety, irritability, stress and depression. Good for improving tremor and uncontrolled impulses. It treats seizures and sleeplessness and stress related Diabetes

Ingredients: Root of Chinese Thorowax, Angelica sinensis, White peony root, wolfiporia cococ

Additional information

Dosage and Administration

6-8g, before meals, half cover, twice daily


Not for pregnant women



1 review for Relaxing Pill (Anxiety & Depression)

  1. Chukwuezugo

    Very good product

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